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Monthly Special :     $139.95

TV Wall Mount Installation

"I am not a fan of wires showing-make them disappear"

Valued at             $189.95

tv installation on wall with no wires hidden
  • Go over your TV Mount Installation  service
  • Safely Install your Flat Screen  TV Mount .
  • Hide your cables inside wall (code compliant)
  • Add power outlet behind TV  (optional price)
  • Connect up to 4 Media devices (firetv,etc)
  • Adjust TV for optimal picture & audio
  • Backed by 5 Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
little tv installer 3d guy with wrench
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Approx. time 2 hrs
(800) 789-4307
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"I called Coastline on March 12 to Wall mount my Samsung 78" 4k beast. They were able to do a same day TV install. I was super impressed with their professionalism, talent and the ability to perform in a manner that you would want in your home or business. You cannot find a better company to install your TV entertainment center. Their TV installation fees are very reasonable considering the complexity of the job. I wouldn't call anyone else if you want to enjoy the best out of your home entertainment center."
~Barry H.         Fountain Valley, Ca.  
5 out of 5 stars out of 186  ratings 
5 star review
Monthly Special :         $199.95

Fireplace TV  Mount Installation

Valued at             $249.95

"I want all my wires concealed inside the walls"

tv mount and soundbar installed over fireplace
  • Go over your TV Mounting service
  • Install your TV Wall Wount   over Fireplace
  • Hide your cables inside wall (code compliant)
  • Add power outlet behind TV  (optional price)
  • Integrate up to 4 Media Components
  • Adjust TV for optimal picture & sound
  • Backed by 5 Year Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
3d installer guy with tools
Schedule Your TV Mounting Service
Approx. time 2-4 hrs
Call Us Today
or Text us
  1. "Hello Coastline,  should we have the cable installed before you come out?"

    Not necessary, we can come before, at the same time, or afterwards. Either way, we will be making sure everything is perfect for you!
  2. "We seen pictures of just a TV on the wall and nothing underneath, can we have that done?"

    In most cases, Yes. We have quite a few techniques to achieve that look.
  3. "I have a soundbar, can you install it for me too?"

    Absolutely, we can mount it on your wall, or attach it to your TV if you prefer. We'll also make sure its configured, updated, and give you a tutorial before we leave!
  4. "What should I have in place before you get here?"

    Just your TV, and any devices(cable boxs, etc) you want connected
    Since we can provide the TV mounts , and all the  audio/video cables you need
  5. "We would like to book your services, whats next?"

    Great! You can either fill out our form with your info, call us at (800) 789-4307 or if you
    prefer, you can text us at (714) 587-4009.

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"I had contacted over 5 different companies in order to get a quote for TV wall mounting our two tvs (both over a fireplace). Due to the complexity of our project (brick wall, built in shelving, wood paneling and exterior walls), several companies said they couldn't help me and others were not confident that they could complete the job. Matt was the only one that was able to provide me a quote and let me know exactly how we do it. Boy am I happy with the work! As promised, Matt completed the job and exceeded our expectations. My husband and I are extremely happy with the work and will definitely use coastline for any future TV installation needs. Thank you for taking on our difficult project and executing it perfectly!.
~Sara Z.         Newport Beach, Ca.  
5 out of 5 stars out of 186  reviews 
5 star review
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