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                              "I bought a TV from Best Buy as a Christmas present to myself. Once delivered I had spoken to Best Buy about installing my TV and sound bar, they said no problem and it would be a few weeks. The salesman I spoke to at best buy was very informative or so I thought. Three $90.00 HDMI cables and a $300.00 wall mount later was what I needed to make sure the installation process was as smooth as possible. When the Best Buy Installer arrived to install it all of a sudden I needed an electrician to come out. Now down to the nitty gritty Best Buy said it would be another $600.00 after that for the install. Needless to say I was very displeased with my whole Best Buy experience so I called Coastline TV Installs and spoke with Matt who came to survey the job and gave me a very fair quote. I took all the extra hardware back to Best Buy, didn't need to call an electrician and purchased everything I needed from Coastline TV Installs for half the price. So basically I got a much more personalized experience."

----  Ryan R.  Mission Viejo"

At Coastline TV Installs, our goal is to provide you with a professional audio visual installation service.

Our success has been down to the fact that we’ve made it our business to give our customers 100% dedication. That approach coupled with an absolute commitment to providing unparalleled quality and workmanship, ensuring that we are always working to a professional standard and meeting customer expectations, has ensured our place in the market where many of our competitors have fallen by the wayside. We take real pride in the implementation of all our installations. Whether it’s a simple flat screen to be wall mounted, a home cinema system or a projector installation in an office or meeting room, every job receives the same attention to detail.

We believe that one of the most important parts of the installation is to talk with you, and understand your requirements. We will listen to your needs and will also offer advice.
If we are installing a projector and screen, we will look at light sources, mounting distance of projector to screen to give you the best possible picture quality. We will consider the route for laying cables etc.

For home cinema installations we will advise on the best speaker positions, cables and speaker wires. Again, we will look at the best places to conceal any cables.

Our work is guaranteed for 5 years . If your screen or projector should come loose and is damaged due to our faulty workmanship, we will provide a new replacement and repair any damage caused. This has never happened as we take great care to ensure that our home cinema installations and screens are particularly well secured.

​Coastline TV Installs does not include any parts you have supplied yourself as part of the installation guarantee.

If we can assist you with your installation needs, call Coastline TV Installs today at  (800) 789-4307  or fill out our simple inquiry form on our  contact page .

We service  Orange County Los Angeles , and Surrounding Cities.

Matt from Coastline TV Installs

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Jason - Lead Installer
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